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Well, i'm sorry guys, but i cant maintain 2 site for pysta while coding, so i think i'll just focus on , please go there, you can get latest release there.

And please leave comment, i will very happy if you do that :)

What is pysta

A GUI for python, that use my tridi 2D/3D software rendering engine that simulate a complete Windows Vista Desktop, like Aero Glass effect,taskbar, startmenu,tray,widget/sidebar,3D task switcher, etc.

Currently, after 4 days work, i have implement these feature:
  1. taskbar, data and time
  2. window Aero look and effect
  3. some simple component : button, edit, checkbox, radio, page/tabbed
  4. effect that can be turn on/off :
  5. Blurry form background
  6. Glassy form
  7. Fade in/out
  8. Maximize/restore


Explorer class, desktop icon

!Sample application code
This code is a sample with a button that if it click it will run same application again, so multiple same form will appear on screen
class tsampleapp(tframe):
    appname='Sample App'
    def __init__(me):
        tframe.__init__(me,app,20,20,400,300,'Sample Application')
        t1=p.addtab(0,0,'Hint me de')
        t2=p.addtab(0,1,'Make you smile')
        c=tbutton(t1,10,20,240,'Click this and run another me')
    def click(me,s):
        inform("Running another me, click OK")

That code will look like this when run on pysta framework.

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